How It Works

CLICS is a complete hair color system for professional salons, powered by our mobile app and dispenser.


Build a Client Profile

The CLICS mobile app begins with the client. Start by creating a client profile complete with contact details, hair chart, past applications and more. Managing your clients has never been easier.

CLICS comes loaded with a client management platform that allows stylists to keep client hair color details in one place. Store before & after photos to see your transformations take shape, create a hair profile to custom-tailor applications for a specific hair type, view a client’s history and reproduce past formulas, and much more. CLICS is your virtual assistant to take your client management to the next level.

Design Colors & Applications

CLICS stylists have a state-of-the-art hair color lab at their fingertips. Design custom colors and applications for clients with ease, save them to a collection, and share them with the world. For the first time, every stylist can create and name their own hair color line.

The color lab is where creativity takes center stage. Here, stylists can design custom colors and applications from our suite of mixable shades that can create countless combinations. Build libraries of custom colors and open up your creative potential, or choose from CLICS classic colors that are sure to delight your clients. As a CLICS stylist, your creativity has no limit.

Dispense Your Creations

Make your designs come to life with the CLICS dispenser. CLICS offers two dispenser sizes, 35 slot and 50 slot depending on salon needs. Holding up to 35 or 50 CLICS canisters, a mixable color line that can create millions of color combinations, the dispenser is where artistry and technology meet. Experience confidence in formulation with precise and repeatable color dispensing.

The CLICS dispenser is the world’s most dynamic color bar. Working seamlessly with the CLICS mobile app, stylists’ creations come to life right before their eyes. The dispenser accurately produces colors to give stylists confidence in formulation and improved service quality for their clients. Together, the mobile app and dispenser make CLICS salons the most innovative in the world.
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