Questions & Answers

CLICS is the synergy of a high performance, ammonia free color line and industry changing formulation and dispensing technology. Imagine having the creative freedom to design any demi or permanent shade with the touch of a button. The CLICS app allows colorists to design shades and replicate them with precision.

Salon will be charged a $1,000 onboarding setup and installation fee per salon location. 
Daily lease fee of $2.50 per dispenser.

Included with the large CLICS dispenser is an initial order of 50 canisters that include color, additives, developer and 20 SmartBowls™ per dispenser, as well as a CLICS Colors Swatchbook. Included with the small CLICS dispenser will be 35 canisters and 10 SmartBowls™

No. You don’t pay for the color until you dispense it through the CLICS platform. Based on how you set up payment, we auto debit a bank account or charge your credit card daily.

It’s available as a lease to salons so CLICS personnel can perform maintenance and make sure that dispensers are up to our elite standards.

Salon owners/managers/account holders will have access to the CLICS reporting system and can view dispensing activity daily.

26.5” (wide) x 25.5” (deep) x 16.75” (tall); holds 50 canisters

20.25” (wide) x 20.375” (deep) x 16.75” (tall); holds 35 canisters

Large / 50 slot: 120 lbs. unloaded and 158 lbs. fully loaded
Small / 35 slot: 50 lbs. unloaded and 78 lbs. fully loaded

If your salon space has 1-5 stylists, we recommend having one dispenser. If you have 5 or more stylists, we recommend 2 dispensers for better workflow. The larger CLICS Digital Hair Color Studio is designed for higher-volume color environments and has the advantage of requiring less frequent canister replacement. The smaller version is perfect when space is a concern and where multiple dispensers per location can help manage color volume. 

Yes. You can drop them in your regular, curbside recycling program.

Yes. CLICS Color is free from ammonia, PPD, parabens, and silicone.

No. It is free to download in the iOS app store or on Google Play.

You can use up your current inventory or opt-in to our buyback program and receive credits towards purchases of CLICS Colors for up to 6 months.